Growth of Economy, essentially, demands skilled workforce, both for Labour landscape as well as for the technically qualified domains. India as a nation has been a land of skilled workforce, designing and developing some of the finest examples of modern technologies and architectural and revolutionary innovative designs of structures of international renown. Skill, Innovation and execution had been the mainstay of our hardworking people, who had been in the forefront of majestic development for centuries. Foreign Visitors and others have remained wonderstruck by the shear brilliant skills and technological brilliance of those times in India and have always been eager to reap benefits.

India is again at the helm of transformation to outperform the legacy of yesteryears & centuries to retain growth, towards skill development, which is directly linked to Employability, Employment generation and Entrepreneurship, apart from, of course overall industrial, agricultural and non-formal sectors of economy, leading to overall growth. SVSU’s endeavours in this have been exemplary, considering the fact that SVSU is the first Skill University of India and had initiated pioneering efforts under the visionary leadership of Shri Raj Nehru, at its helm of affairs.

Quality skill education doses provide a value addition with respect to professional growth of the workforce, its commitment towards the society. Naturally, Identification of skill development needs types of skills, range and depth of skills to facilitate individuals to choose from them. Development of a sector skill development plan and maintaining skill inventory are all immensely important, wherefrom SVSU takes its operational initiation.

Determining skills/competence standards, qualifications and getting them notified as per NSQF. Gradual Standardization of affiliation, accreditation, examination and certification process in accordance with NSQF as determined by NSQC.

To make quality Vocational Training lucrative for youth & employers, focus on an outcome based approach towards quality skilling, increase the capacity and quality infrastructure, establish an IT base duality infrastructure for aggregating demand and supply of skilled workforce and promote increased participation of women in the workforce has been a prime mover for India’s endeavours among others and SVSU has been instrumental in development of the same.

SVSU, as a skill university, promotes Entrepreneurship Culture in India and makes it aspirational, enhance support for potential entrepreneurs through mentorships, networks and integrate entrepreneurship education in the formal education system.

Dr S Sarkar
Dean Academics

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