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Lecture Series 1:Relevance of Indian Constitution in the Contemporary Period

Lecture Series 1 Relevance of Indian Constitution in the Contemporary Period On 23rd, January 2020, the Skill Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences initiated a lecture series for the students of B.Voc. (Public Services) on the topic “Relevance of Indian Constitution in the Contemporary Period”. This programme was initiated on the visionary advice of Hon’ble…

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National Level Online Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on Business 4.0-Embracing Digital Technology Online re-evaluation form Admission Advertisement for Session 2020-21 Uniform Allowence Office Order Status of Re-evaluation forms, June 2020 Online Re-Appear form Online Re-Appear form Notice Online re-evaluation form Re-evaluation Notice-25.05.2020 Re-evaluation Notice ‘Kaushal Setu’- Connecting Teachers and Students Anytime Anywhere. Kaushal Setu Schedule…

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