Sr.  Name of Member  Duration of Membership
 From  Till
 1  Vice Chancellor  Ex-Officio Chairman
 2  Director General, Higher Education Department  Ex-Officio Member
 3  Director General, Skill Development and Industrial Training Department  Ex-Officio Member
 4   Director General, Technical Education Department  Ex-Officio Member
 5  Chief Executive Officer, National Skill Development Corporation  Ex-Officio Member
 6  Director General, National Skill Development Agency  Member
 7  Mission Director, Haryana Skill Development Mission  Member
 8  Secretary, Board of School Education, Haryana  Member
   Sh. Yogesh JP Sharma, Executive Director (Engg.), NBCC, New Delhi  
 9  Sh. K.M. Singh, Chairman & Managing Director, NHPC, Faridabad  Member
 10  Dr Dinesh Kumar, Vice Chancellor, YMCUST, Faridabad  Member
 11  Dr Rajeev Kumar Garg, Chief Scientist, CRRI (CSIR), New Delhi  Member
 12  Sh. P.H. Singh, Plant HR Head, Hero Moto Corp, Dharuhera  Member
 13  Mr. Ajay Mishra, VP – Learning & Organizational Development- Royal Bank of   Scotland  Member
 14  Dr (Maj.) Rupinder Kaur- Manager, Firm wide Learning- Ernst & Young  Member
 15  Dr Ashok Srivastava, Dean(Engineering), SVSU, Gurugram  Member
 16  Col. Utkarsh Rathore , Joint Director, SVSU, Gurugram   Member 
 17  Dr Raj Singh, Joint Director, SVSU, Gurugram  Member
 18  Dr Dalip Raina, Assistant Professor( Management) , SVSU, Gurugram  Member
 19  Dr Vikram Bansal, Assistant Deputy Director, SVSU, Gurugram  Member
 20  Dr Mohit Srivastava, Assistant Professor( Mathematics) SVSU, Gurugram  Member
 21  Registrar  Ex-officio Secretary



Constitution and powers of Skill Council as per University Act:

The Skill Council shall consist of the following persons, namely: –

  1. Ex-officio members
    • The Vice-Chancellor; 
    • The Director General, Higher Education Department, Haryana or his nominee; 
    • The Director General, Industrial Training Department, Haryana or his nominee;
    • The Director General, Technical Education Department, Haryana or his nominee;
    • The Chief Executive Officer, National Skill Development Corporation or his nominee;
    • The Director General, National Skill Development Agency or his nominee;
    • The Mission Director, Haryana Skill Development Mission or his nominee;
    • The Secretary, Board of School Education, Haryana or his nominee;
    • The Registrar.
  2. Other Members
    • two professors to be appointed by the University by rotation on the basis of seniority;
    • one senior technical officer from each Department;
    • Three “Vishwakarma” Awardees (awarded by the Central Government) from the State or from the neighboring States to be nominated by the Chancellor on the recommendation of the Vice-Chancellor;
    • two Deans from the University to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor;
    • Three persons from Industries (preferably handling Human Resources) to be nominated by Chancellor on the recommendation of the Vice-Chancellor: Provided further that any other Chairman/ officer of the University whose association is necessary may be invited to attend the meeting. However, the special invitee shall not have any right to vote.
    • The Registrar shall be the Member-Secretary of Skill Council
    • Three-fifths of the members shall form a quorum;
    • Save as otherwise expressly provided, the members of the Skill Council, other than Ex- officio members, shall hold office for a term of two years;
    • The method of election shall be by simple majority voting by ballot and the elections shall be conducted in accordance with the rules framed by the Vice-Chancellor.


  1. The Skill Council shall exercise the following powers, namely: –
    • to have general supervision over the skill and academic policies of the University and to give directions regarding methods of instruction, cooperative teaching among skill colleges and skill institutions, evaluation of research or improvements in skill and academic standards;
    • To consider matters of skills and general academic interest either on its own initiative or on a reference by the Chancellor, the Vice -Chancellor, the Executive Council or a Faculty and to take appropriate action thereon;
    • To recommend to the Executive Council, the creation and abolition of teaching posts;
    • To prescribe syllabi and courses of study for various examinations on the recommendations of the Departments/ Faculties;
    • To frame such regulations consistent with the Statutes and Ordinances regarding the skill training and academic functions of the University, discipline, residence, admissions, equivalency, awards of fellowships, studentships, scholarships, medals and prizes, fee concessions, corporate life and attendance; and
    • To exercise such other powers and perform such other duties, as may be conferred or assigned to the Skill Council by the Act, the Statutes, or the Ordinances.
    • All decisions of the Skill Council concerning syllabi, courses of studies and conducting of examinations so far as they are not provided for by the Statutes and Ordinances shall be final


Minutes of SC Meeting

 Sr. No.  SC Meeting No.  Held on  Minutes of Meeting
 1.  1  20.01.2018  Minutes
 2.  2  27.03.2019  Minutes
 3.  3  28.09.2019  Minutes


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