He is known to be the architect of this universe and also the designer of all flying chariots of Gods and their divine weapons. Chariots have a significant place in our civilisation. These were driven by horses – known for their purpose, speed, and dynamism. It is over such a chariot, aeons ago Lord Krishna revealed the Principles of Karma to Arjuna that guided him to the path of purposeful action and also set the direction for generations to beacon with.

We take inspiration from the chariot and connect with the legend of Haryana, that is Mahabharata. Lord Vishwakarma was also a city planner; who created Dwaraka, the capital of Lord Krishna; the town of Hastinapur – the capital of Kauravas and Indraprastha for Pandavas. A look at our university model and you would realise that the six academic blocks are conceived as horses and administrative and auditorium blocks as balancing wheels of the chariot.

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