Mr. Dinesh Yadav

Skill Assistant Professor

Skill Faculty of Engineering & Technology

B.Tech, M.Tech, PGDCM, Ph.D. Pursuing

Areas of Interest
Additive Manufacturing, Optimization Techniques, Implants, Renewable Energy Harvest, Simulation Techniques.

List of Publications
  1. Yadav, M., Yadav, D., Garg, R. K., Gupta, R. K., Kumar, S., & Chhabra, D. (2021). Modeling and Optimization of Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting System Under Dynamic Loading. In Advances in Fluid and Thermal Engineering (pp. 339-353). Springer, Singapore.
  2. Chaudhary, T., Yadav, D., Chhabra, D., Gera, R., & Shukla, P. (2021). Low-cost media engineering for phosphate and IAA production by Kosakonia pseudosacchari TCPS-4 using Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm (MOGA) statistical tool. 3 Biotech, 11(4), 1-11.
  3. Yadav, D., Yadav, J., Vashistha, R., Goyal, D. P., & Chhabra, D. (2021). Modeling and simulation of an open channel PEHF system for efficient PVDF energy harvesting. Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures, 28(8), 812-826.
  4. Yadav, D., & Garg, R. K. (2021). Integration of Finite Element Analysis, 3D Printing and Biopolymers to Enhance Research in Orthopedics.
  5. Yadav, D., Garg, R. K., Ahlawat, A., & Chhabra, D. (2020). 3D printable biomaterials for orthopedic implants: Solution for sustainable and circular economy. Resources Policy, 68, 101767.
  6. Yadav, D., Garg, R. K., Chhabra, D., Yadav, R., Kumar, A., & Shukla, P. (2020). Smart diagnostics devices through artificial intelligence and mechanobiological approaches. 3 Biotech, 10(8), 1-11.
  7. Kumar, A., Yadav, D., Garg, R. K., Gupta, R., & Chhabra, D. (2020). Design and Optimal Placement of PVDF Patches Over a Shoe Transducer for Efficient Energy Harvesting. Design Engineering, 08-22.
  8. Saini, D. K., Yadav, D., Pabbi, S., Chhabra, D., & Shukla, P. (2020). Phycobiliproteins from Anabaena variabilis CCC421 and its production enhancement strategies using combinatory evolutionary algorithm approach. Bioresource technology, 309, 123347.
  9. Yadav, D., Chhabra, D., Garg, R. K., Ahlawat, A., & Phogat, A. (2020). Optimization of FDM 3D printing process parameters for multi-material using artificial neural network. Materials Today: Proceedings, 21, 1583-1591.
  10. Yadav, D., Chhabra, D., Gupta, R. K., Phogat, A., & Ahlawat, A. (2020). Modeling and analysis of significant process parameters of FDM 3D printer using ANFIS. Materials Today: Proceedings, 21, 1592-1604.
  11. Yadav, M., Yadav, D., Kumar, S., Garg, R. K., & Chhabra, D. (2019). Experimental & Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting With Dynamic Periodic Loading. Int J Recent Technol Eng, 8(3), 6346-6350.
  12. Yadav, J., Yadav, D., Vashistha, R., Goyal, D. P., & Chhabra, D. (2019). Green energy generation through PEHF–a blueprint of alternate energy harvesting. International journal of green energy, 16(3), 242-255.
  13. International Conferences
  14. Yadav, D., Garg, R.K., 2019. Comparison of Green energy harvested using single and double parallel circuit configuration of PZT piezoelectric patch by application of hydrodynamics. The Indian Science Congress Association, January 3-7.
  15. Quality Control for Products, Processes, or Services will take place from 22-27 July 2019 at M.D University Rohtak
  16. Book Chapters
  17. Vashistha, R., Yadav, D., Chhabra, D., & Shukla, P. (2019). Artificial intelligence integration for neurodegenerative disorders. In Leveraging Biomedical and Healthcare Data (pp. 77-89). Academic Press.
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